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UK In Europe
By Aneta Byc - On 23/01/2013, 15:24:32
Uk's Prime Minsiter David Cameron today pledged to hold referendum on the UK's position in Europe. Mr Cameron said he plans to renegotiate parts of the UK's relations with Europe and put that changed membership package to the British people in an in-out referendum after the next general election, by the end of 2017. That, obviously, also ... View complete proposal

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UK in European Union
By Michael Kardamakis - On 12/02/2013, 17:29:28
UK in European Union
The United Kingdom has the right to disagree -or even secede!- from the European Union. By all means it's not "against the Law". However, it would be just wonderful for the country-members of Europe to further unite in blissful harmony, forming a more tightly-knit federation. Unite for whom, is the question that arises next: the nations and peoples of the continent, or just the banks, firms & oligarchs of european pedigree..?
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UK In Europe
By Bruna Byc - On 24/01/2013, 15:45:31
UK In Europe
I believe it is unrealistic of Mr Cameron to claim he will obtain a renegotiation of the terms of Britain's membership in the E.U. It is as Nick Clegg said in a recently published BBC article (which I will link at the bottom). The outcome of Mr Cameron will either be "symbolic" and not particularly significant as he may be able to renegotiate minor environmental laws etc...that would apply to Britain. Or, he will have to fight for major changes in Britain's membership, changes that will effectively disadvantage the rest of the E.U in comparison to Britain. The UK would be in a "one foot in, one foot out" position, which is not what the E.U is about. It is the E.U's demanding membership criteria that has made it the relatively secure region in the world it is now. And I feel that Mr Cameron's initiative is undermining that. He may be able to secure the British people's support, if he is elected by an overwhelming majority of Conservatives, who are perhaps the most Euro-sceptic party in the UK. The BBC article: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-21177614
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UK In Europe
By Hamza Kazmi - On 28/02/2013, 21:43:23
UK In Europe
I would write that they should discuss this issue more frequently in the European Parliament in Brussels and try and give EU States much more freedom in how they would like to implement their laws because some laws might not be neccessary in the UK, so the National Parliament needs to have more power to choose to implement some laws so there is no way the EU can force us to make a decision such as entering the eurozone.
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Leave the EU
By nifemi alonge - On 22/02/2013, 22:41:31
Leave the EU
Indeed Hamza it has to be said that the benefits the UK receives are fantastic; free trade, easy travel etc... However as the UK is such a key player on an international level would we not be given the exact same benefits if we were to leave the EU? Currently we spend over £19bn a year towards the EU and what do we get out of it, an economy on the brink of yet another recession. The UK could benefit greatly if we focussed more on trade agreements with emerging economies and rather a sinking ship
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