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How does OurSpace work
  • Login/Registration:
    If you have your Facebook account you can easily log in by clicking on the "Connect" button and your accounts will automatically be synchronised. In case you do not, follow our instructions and create your OurSpace account.
  • Suggest Topic Debate:
    On the user's dashboard ("My Dashboard"), there is a "Your Toolkit" section on the left side. Press the "Suggest Topic Debate" button and then "Suggest NEW Topic-Debate".
  • How to write a Topic Debate:
    Use everyday language, do not lecture, do not boss, be creative and use short sentences, questions and be active. Avoid using complicated and technical terms. Your title should be simple and your posts shorter than 15 lines. Avoid writing abbreviations and provide your readers with relevant information (links, documents, etc.).
  • Vote for sugessted Topic Debates:
    a topic-debate is allowed to be debated after users have shown their interest in it and voted for it. Follow the same steps as 2-SUGGEST A TOPIC DEBATE,but this time, choose one of the suggested topic-debates and vote for it by clicking either on "thumbs up" or "thumbs down".
  • How to join the Discussion:
    In the "Your Toolkit" section, click on "Join Open Debates". Choose one of the thematic groups and a debate you are interested in. Click on "Reply" and express your opinion. The "Quote" button is there to comment on a specific post in the discussion. If you want to sum up main discussion propositions and favourite posts or mark a post as ready for the voting phase use the "Submit Proposal" button.
  • Voting Phase:
    In the "Your Toolkit" section, click on "Vote Best Proposals" and choose one of the topic-debates. "Proposals on this topic-debate" will pop up on your screen and you can express your opinion on each proposal by clicking on "Agree/Disagree".
  • Discussion Results:
    In the "Your Toolkit" section, click on "View Results" and look at the complete list of discussions in the final phase. Click on a discussion in order to view more details. You can reach the same outcome if you click on the "Have Your Say" bookmark. All topics will show up at your screen with information in what phase they currently are. We recommend you to click on "You are currently viewing National Debates in all languages. You can also view debates in your own language only" in order to view only English debates.
  • Translation:
    If the discussion you are following is not in your language you will be offer a possibility to translate the posts.
  • How to find a Topic-Debate on Ourspace:
    Click on "Hall of Fame", "My Friends", "My Dashboard", or "Have Your Say" and the OurSpace network will offer you a possibility to "Search" in the top right-hand corner. Using this tool you can find ongoing debates. Just enter keywords, such as “Have your say”, and you will find all discussions containing these keywords.
  • Profile Editing:
    Click on the "My Dashboard" tab. You will view your profile picture and an "Edit Profile" link under which you can use to make changes to your profile. Find more information about the OurSpace social network in the FAQ section. You can find in the bottom right corner of any page.