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Mariangela Portaluri replied in Is privatisation a good idea? 

Ellen Regan wrote: During the Thatcher years in particular, many state run services were privatised. The most obvious and debated one, the national rail service. Now the government are privatising th..

Andrea Lussana replied in Streamline voting system  

Maybe technology could support new vote process, e.g. faster, simple, safer, ...Even if it could be easier, my job is not to be a continuos voter. Voting is not a fact of click a button but it is an ..

Denča Hlušičková replied in Fotografie na krabičkách cigaret 

Tato myšlenka nemůže pomoci snížit počet kůřáků, protože škodlivost tabákových výrobků je všeobecně známá, přesto k snížení nedochází. Obrázek k tomu tedy pravděpodobně nepřispěje. Odradit by to však..

Tomáš Pokorný replied in Is Europe breaking apart? 

Nebude vám nic nalhávat, EU řídí Německo. Německo a USA, dva bratříčci. Jeden řídí ekonomiku Nového světa, druhý EU. Já osobně bych byl pro vytvoření jaké si organizace (něco jako EU), ale bez Německ..

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European Youth Week: What would you do if you ran Europe?

Other - Posts 44
European Youth Week starts next week from the 27th to the 2nrd June! If you want to read a beginners guide to Europe and learn about European opportunities have a read here: http://storify.c...


Innovation - Posts38
We believe that 16 and 17 year olds should be given the vote in all public elections, because at 16 we are mature enough to engage in and contribute to democracy. We want political systems...

Youth entrepreneurship - Will it help resolve youth unemployment?

Employment - Posts 25
 The UK Young Ambassadors have now launched their third consultation which is focusing on youth entrepreneuship and employment. The UK Young Ambassadors want to know what young people across...

Latest Decision Maker Comments

Catherine Stihler MEP replied in Fair access to e-books in public libraries 

Hello everyone. I am Catherine Stihler, a Labour MEP for Scotland. Read more..

Derek Vaughan replied in What impact do think EU policies could have to combat youth unemployment? 

Hello! My name is Derek Vaughan and I am the Labour MEP for Wales. I would like to know your ideas and opinions on how EU policies can combat youth unemployment, and what impact you think they could have. Read more..

Syed Kamall MEP replied in Sport can be a ticket to healthy and meaningful life  

Sport has always enabled people of all ages to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle. What policy-makers and politicians often forget is that it can be a solution to a multitude of social problems which go far beyond personal health. Read more..

Jill Evans MEP replied in Language education in the UK 

Firstly may I thank you for the opportunity to comment on your debate. It's great to see young people engaging with the EU and recognizing the importance of speaking foreign languages... Read more..

Sir Graham Watson MEP replied in UK In Europe 

I think the UK should stay in the EU. I do not believe it would be in the country's economic interests to leave. One in ten jobs in the UK depend on the EU - jobs that you will depend on for your future careers. Half of British trade is with other EU countries... Read more..

Jean Lambert replied in Tackling youth unemployment 

In November, the European Parliament hosted the Citizen's Agora on Youth Unemployment to gather young people from all over Europe to discuss the current challenges in Europe's employment market. Read more..

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