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Natálie Mochelová
(Level 5 Activist)
6472  points
Kristýna Šoukalová
(Level 5 Activist)
6147  points
Ioannis Makarounis
(Level 5 Activist)
6110  points
Michael Kardamakis
(Level 5 Activist)
5406  points
Karel Smuž
(Level 5 Activist)
4490  points
Petra Nováčková
(Level 5 Activist)
3521  points
John Nikitas
(Level 5 Activist)
3403  points
Sophie Amili
(Level 5 Activist)
2217  points
Tomáš Pokorný
(Level 5 Activist)
2100  points
Irene Matz
(Level 5 Activist)
1864  points
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